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If you organsise events, operate a hotel, own a restaurant, run a bar or organise events….you understand the importance of building trust by capturing precious customers feedback and opinions.
Personalised customer feedback inspires others to become your future clients but also allows you to learn and improve your services. Traditionally this feedback has been simple text reviews with photos which are no longer enough to meet the demands of modern consumers.
People want to see videos from their peers showing the atmosphere at the venue, the view from the hotel, how the food looks on the plate… 
At Veview we know that trust is the most important factor in the hospitality business and nothing equals video as a channel to help you build a brand that customers will want to experience.

Video marketers are said to get 66% more qualified leads yearly than those who don’t focus on video.

(OptinMonster, 2019) 



Using the Veview App customers simply click to locate where they are using their mobile location services, select the place to capture details and start recording their video.


With Veview mobile roaming solutions you can get amongst your customers and visitors to capture their feedback quickly and easily. Using an existing mobile device paired with our tripod and microphone your team can very simply harness insight and advocacy via video reviews.


Veview can be deployed on site via our kiosks or using existing digital platforms directly at your location connected back to our central administration console. You can collect customer feedback directly as they interact and experience your products and services.

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