With the rich set of video reviews you generate using Veview you are going to want to maximise the use of your content placing it where you know the customer is making their decision. With Veview Syndication you can manage content marketing, influencer marketing and social marketing in a single tool.

87% of industry professionals say they use video as a marketing tool (Wyzowl) and so should you! We have built a frictionless process that lest your team control where your videos are shared and select video content relevant to channels or customer segments.

Turn your customers into influencers and take control of video on your social channels


Our optimised widget can be implemented on any page of your website in a couple of minutes. You can display those powerful videos as close as possible to your point of sale to increase conversion or on any other pages to educate and build trust with your visitors. In addition video increases website rank and most importantly keeps customers on your page for longer, increasing conversion.


To maximise the benefit of the Veview video reviews you have collected and to start to influence customer behaviour it is critical that the videos are shared on your social media channels. With the Veview plugins you can easily select which videos you think will have the most impact and share them directly with your followers.


Using marketplace plugins your Veview video can be shared with your customers on sites including Amazon, Ebay and Etsy to enhance the existing content and give your products and services an edge over competitors.

17% of companies spend over half their marketing budget on influencers

(Source: MediaKix)

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